Questions You May Have About Portable Toilets

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1) What Are the Best Possible Options for My Event?

There is a lot more than you think when choosing a portable toilet. For instance, you might not have known that when choosing the best porta potty for an event, construction site, or park you should begin by thinking about what season it is. Northern Alberta weather can be quite hazardous and change very quickly.In the winter months, a great option is the insulated heated toilet. These are great for combating the cold weather! Equipped with a 120V – 1000 W Heater, a tamper-proof light fixture with 100 W LED light, secure high-quality locks, and much more. You must also think about how many people will be on your job site or at your event. For instance, if you were to be hosting a marathon those facilities would be used by not only the runners but spectators as well.You will want to account for this by making sure there is enough porta potty’s and ensuring they are spaced appropriately along the marathon course. Also, it is believed that runners have complex relationships with portable toilet units. Race participants typically tend to value these mobile toilets before, during, and after a given race. Quick access to the washroom is needed as runners consume a lot of liquids and bars to fuel themselves as they navigate the race. The typical rule for determining how many portable toilets you would need is roughly 1 for every 9 people.If the expected temperature was freezing conditions, it might be nice to use insulated heated toilets but if not, a customer favourite is the standard portable toilets from Heartland Disposal and Recycling which ensures each toilet unit is sanitized and deep cleaned to ensure great service.

2) How Often Will the Portable Toilets Be Cleaned?

How often the portable bathroom will be cleaned is very dependant on how many people you have using the unit and how long the event is running. Frequent maintenance is particularly important as the last thing you would want at an event like a wedding is the smell of the portable toilet helping you find it.

3) Are Portable Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

Portable toilets conserve water, they use less water than a person would in a home. Renting one saves water since flushing is not required & the waste in the portable bathroom can be disposed of without the use of water.

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